Fairydogmother Doodles-more training less breeding


Robin's your fairy dog mother

Experienced puppy nanny, foundation trainer

Helping you avoid the pitfalls while building  a life long relationship with your new best friend



  Robin's Fairy Dog Mother Training


If you are on this site then you have just adopted a puppy ,or about to-Most people hire a puppy nanny because you have never had a dog before. You have young children and would like a slightly older puppy with a bit of training-Maybe you just want to skip the late nights and early starts-please contact me-Have a look through my pages-I look forward to discussing the newest addition to your family

 What is a puppy Nanny-what do they do-

As your puppy nanny I understand all dogs are pack animals. Puppies have come from dominant mother's that would insist on proper puppy behaviour-Why should you expect anything less- Besides the basic crating and housetraining your puppy's time here will include plenty of supervised pack interaction(socializing)- one on one training, with cuddle time, as well as group training. They learn patience, how to follow .They will understand leadership. No matter how much time your puppies spend here the most important thing I can give a new puppy family is knowledge. Puppies require a firm, patient calm pack leader(s),regular exercise , respect , love ,kindness , along with basic care-


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