Temperary home of- SnowyWhite/soon to become Your fairy dogmother doodles after my training sight


Rates-      policies,     liabilities,-    guarantee's 

MY rate for boarding and training- 1st week 250.00(sleepless nights)

                                          ongoing weeks-200.00 + Gst


I used to give discounts on longer stays but find the price of food has gone up significantly and as the puppy matures they are also eating more food-  

First 2 weeks is payable prior to boarding with the remainder due @ pick up- no checks please at pick up

 Please fill out and attach to the deposit a signed liability agreement

I require pet insurance for both of our protection- it is normally free for the first month -As I'm abiding by your wishes my liability is limited.

You will receive weekly updates and a video of what we are working on -

Raw food - If your puppy is coming from a breeder then chances are it is eating raw food- I highly recommend it - If you are new to raw than I can offer my guidance and shared info about where to start

Guarantee- At the time of pick- up I will go over what your puppy has learned. Then I will spend as much time teaching you my methods and going over questions. Please do not rush through this and please don't think that I'm rushing you- I'm here to see you succeed. I would be only too happy to spend as much time as you need-

 Once your puppy has left my home I am no longer responsible for any action your puppy may display. I will explain to you  your puppies personality type and how best to deal with that type.

 I will advise to the best of my ability through e-mails and phone calls .I am a foundation trainer  obedience begins with good leadership and consistency.

 I highly recommend a training program of some sort and consistency until your dog is at least 1 year old. There are many methods of training and all have merit-It is up to you what you want to achieve-

 I do handle all puppies completely so they are used to it- However children and puppies/dogs should always be supervised when interacting. It is important to teach your children along with your puppy proper behavior. Both are just infants .Both need your direction.They are counting on your leadership.

I will show you methods to help your children claim their space and how to stop the puppy from nipping .


This is a young dog/puppy, training can only be successful if you are committed to following through with what I have stated consistently. Leadership begins with you. 

 You are welcome to return the puppy for an additional week for free if you are unsatisfied with any aspect of my training Program. You would be responsible for any transport required-you would have to be available for training as well.

Health and Wellness-

Puppies live in my home and as such I spend a considerable amount of time ensuring that my premises are clean and sanitary- Bedding and flooring are washed daily.-Puppy outdoor potty area is sealed concrete-steamed and sanitized.

Food and water dishes are cleaned after every meal-

All animals that visit or live in my home are  titer tested/or currant on vaccinations- This is not only to ensure that my puppies are kept safe but to be as sure as I can that your puppy will be safe as well-

That said your puppy is exposed to an outdoor environment with other dogs. Depending on the puppy's age and the wished of the family . Your puppy will  benifit most from this exposure and it is impossible to sterilize the outside world-

However even though I take extra care to ensure this- I will not be held accountable for illness that may befall your puppy provided I have followed your wishes completely,and no negligence is found on my part -

Please read and forward a copy of the liability agreement -

please scroll down for the attachment

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