Temperary home of- SnowyWhite/soon to become Your fairy dogmother doodles after my training sight

 My name is Robin- I have the great fortune to live and work in one of the most diverse and beautiful places on earth I enjoy long walks and outdoor living. Dogs just seemed to be part of that.While the number of dogs that resides with me is constantly changing-  I'm also a very small breeder and raise a few litters a year. My primary focus is on training puppies. I don't bring adult dogs in to train.


As a young woman, my husband and I raised Huskies.We lived in northern New Brunswick on the east coast of Canada.The harbor would freeze solid in the winter time .We would hook up our dog team and head out to where the fish huts were- It was a lot of fun, and I learned plenty about the nature of dogs and how packs work -Ever tried to get a pack of huskies to heel- Well the huskies have long since passed as well as the husband. My children are grown and gone their own way. 

I have spent a life time reading books, DVDs gone to seminars, took courses  understanding energy and being calm assertive energy is extremely effective with all dogs and with puppies it is very gentle but firm. Puppies understand it instantly.

Over 15 year ago I again returned to breeding dogs and since then have become a recommended breeder on a well established web-site- As some one interested in training - any puppy that would hang around after 8 weeks needed to keep up with other dogs of it's age. In the beginning I had quite a few puppies. That was the start of my puppy training. I instantly knew this was the direction my life would go. I have trained many puppies with great success-

I completed a dog training course at a recognized dog training academy .

My own puppies have given me an ability to increase my skills without pressure and It has allowed me to perfect methods, that truly give the dog owner tools to a well mannered and obedient dog.

Understanding dogs

Dogs have taught me more about myself than I have 

ever taught any one them. They are mirrors of your

state of mind, are intuitive and are greatly affected by the energy that surrounds them. Dogs are simple 

creatures with basic needs, a vast intelligence, and thousands of years of evolution and genetics , hard wired to please us-

Dogs are social, nomadic by nature-

They see the world in only two ways.- leader or follower. 

if you see a dog in front of it's guardian then you know who the leader is.

The quickest way to train a dog is to walk it and and by interaction teach it to follow. This is natural for a puppy and is the best time to teach a dog to follow you and come when called. For most people training isn't something they seek early it is usually when they have a problem they don't understand. The good new is most problems dogs  can be corrected with hard work and leadership.........It is never too late to try and correct behavior.But it is so much easier to never have a problem.

I use a walking exercise that involves changing my tempo and direction quickly while encouraging the dog /puppy to follow.

I have trained many dogs in my life it is by far harder to teach the human than the dog.


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